Dads Get Maternity Leave Too?

Father_and_DaughterLet’s say you are a dad out there in the United States. I’m sure some of you may be unfazed by this title or the idea of it, but I also know that some of you must be really hoping that this is a true statement. And mothers or future mothers to be, I am sure you are also quite curious, as was I.

I never really thought about the idea of men getting days off to be with their newborn before. Well, up until a few months ago. You see, my boyfriend is really into politics and shares a lot about it, such as the idea that this is the only developed nation that doesn’t give men maternity leave as well. Of course, the idea of it never came to mind before, but now that it has been brought to my attention I find it to be quite unfair.

A father should have just as much of a right to be with their newborn as a mother does. I don’t know how much time my father truly spent with me as a child, but I am sure he would have liked to spend more time than he was permitted. That picture in the top left corner is actually a picture of us together. I believe I was nearly two years old at the time and at some point I or someone else cut it in the shape of a heart and for as long as I can remember, it has been kept inside a heart-shaped frame. As a father’s daughter, I wish that dads across the U.S were able to have maternity leave too.

What if some father’s do? As a country, sadly men do not have this option, but some companies have taken it into their own hands and have started giving fathers more time with their child. Some even allow the parents to have as many days off as they wish for their child’s first year. Isn’t that amazing?! Though, it is sad to say there don’t seem to be many of them. I have only noted there to be just a few. I think that other companies should look into this, for the children of America and for their very own.

Have any thoughts? Please comment below about what you think and where you stand on this idea. I would love to hear what you all have to say!

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