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Have you ever wanted to make a picture really pop while adding in scary or interesting content into it? Well, I love that sort of thing. I mess around with different photo editing apps and software A LOT. I currently use Coreldraw on my computer, but sadly, I don’t find too many great tutorials on how to use it and with just starting, having such guidance would be really nice.

So let me introduce to you, this site. As soon as I saw it, I was immensely intrigued and wanted to try it out. The first photograph they show you looks like one of those cartoon drawings you may get at the fair, but better because it’s based off of an actual picture! It looked so real and funny, I HAD to see more! And so, I did.

All of the photographs provided were all so unique and different and as I read, I wanted it that much more. With each picture, you can find out how long the tutorial for that specific effect would be. These videos can last from only 25 minutes to 3 hours long. With how often I am stuck at the computer trying to figure something out on Coreldraw, using a 3 hour long tutorial isn’t all that long. And I mean, look at what the outcome can be!


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This was my favorite one that was provided because I would love to make things look paranormal. The girl in the background looks just like a ghost and quite creepy! Who wouldn’t like to try their hand at this? Especially once you see the offer that is given for only a short period of time.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “this person must be asking for a lot for his video.” WRONG. They would normally charge $37, but for a limited time, they’re only charging $27! And that’s not just for a few tutorials, that’s for a lifetime membership! You can get access to all of them and the best part is that it’s for a lifetime. They constantly add more and more videos and you will have complete access to them with just that one time fee.

So, I realize some of you are like me and you don’t have Photoshop, the software you need for these videos. That’s a real bummer, but it’s also a plus, because you can go to Adobe Photoshop’s website if you just click here and get a free 30 day trial! From this link you just need to find the free trial tab and as soon as you click that, it starts to download it for you. So rush on over there, get the free trial if you need to and then head over to this site, Learn Photo Editing and start making amazing photos!

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