Miracle Berries???

I know what you thinking. You think I’m about to try to sell you some magical berries that when eaten, unicorns will appear. You think that with these berries you may be able to grow a beanstalk that will lead you to giants! Or perhaps you think these berries will help you grow an incredibly long amount of hair with which you plan to use to escape that dreadful tower you are stuck in. Sadly, we do not live in a fairy tale where these accusations could be correct. Though these berries aren’t quite that magical, I find them to be fairly close!

About six months ago or so, I bought these berries. I was told that they did indeed work from people who knew people that tried them. I was a little iffy, but at that price why not?? And now that I have used almost all of them, I thought I should give a review about them. So let me list some Pros and Cons:


  • They work! You have to let them dissolve on your tongue, then they last for about an hour or so depending on what you use with them.
  • For what you get, it’s a good price! I got them quite a while back and I still have 2-3 left! They can last quite some time.
  • They don’t taste bad!
  • They’re small!
  • They make things taste sweeter!
  • They make you want to use exclamation points when you’re talking about how great they are! (This is a valid reason).

Now, Cons:

  • They don’t taste great
  • They aren’t actual berries  (I didn’t mind, but you might)
  • They can’t make every thing taste amazing  (though there isn’t much it can’t)
  • If you use a lemon, they lessen the length of them the berries work

As there may be some cons, there are certainly more pros and if you ask me, I don’t think the cons are truly all that bad. Before I go over those though, let me explain what these berries are.

Miracle berries can be used for many editable items. The point of using miracle berries is for you to make things that don’t taste good, taste great! It can make a sour lemon taste like sweet lemonade! I know it sounds crazy. I didn’t quite believe it myself until I had tried them and I’m here to tell you it truly works! These berries make things taste sweeter. Depending on that item, they may taste like heaven or they may taste just a little too sweet, it all depends on your taste buds.

Now, we shall compare the pros and cons:

They work!

Pro: They do the job they are meant to do.

Con: They don’t last as long as you might like at times, it all depends on what you use and how long you use it.

Not actual berries!

Pro: If they were actual berries, they wouldn’t work the same way. Amazon also mentions in the title that they are tablets, not actual berries.

Con: The main title implies they are berries. They may last longer if they were.

The taste…

Pro: They taste alright; they certainly aren’t the best tasting thing in the world, but they’re nowhere close to being the worst.

Con: Since they take so long to dissolve (about 30 minutes) the taste is left on your tongue until you start using it to make things taste better.

Obviously, one could go back and forth about whether they’re worth it or not. The way I think of it is, they’re only $15 and you’ll never know how you may truly react to them unless you try it. I would give them four out of five stars and will definitely buy again in the future.

Now, just one pack only includes 10 tablets, along with a list of foods to try. If you want to have a party or get a group together to try them, I would suggest to use their deal listed below. You can get $5 off and you’ll have plenty for your group of friends to try! Just click on the image below or if you only wish to get one pack, click on the image above.

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