Set Goals. Do They Help?

I have this overwhelming urge to write. My brain fills with a million ideas and I write those ideas down as often as possible, but they are only ideas. No, you see what I long for is to take one of those ideas and dissect it and turn it into something it was only 10% of. When you have this urge, you are usually filled with a mix of defeat as well.

I have this issue where I feel as though my ideas will only ever be just ideas. Nothing more. I fear that I won’t ever write any of these ideas out and that I will never fill that urge that I feel such a need to cure. I start writing the idea, as though I am starting the first chapter and I may get a few pages in, it may sound great, but somehow I always manage to walk away and give up.

I wish I remembered his name, but there was a man that had once said that one doesn’t truly try to write a book or shoot for their goals because they are afraid to not accomplish said goal and I know that is what I have been doing. I was and possibly still am afraid of failure and so I do not truly try.

I had recently looked up ways to overcome such things and I had found an idea that I would like to share. One thing that is really helpful is to set small goals. Just little goals to accomplish such as writing two pages of your book and going from there. I have applied other ideas and goals to this as well. It has helped me quite a bit and I have only just started putting this idea into affect.

The way that I put this idea into action is a little bit different than the way the woman that had explained it did. You see, she would pick a date a few weeks away that had small big goals that she really tried to meet in that time frame. At the moment, I have quite a few things I’m doing along with writing. In fact, I am trying to do seven different things to be my own boss and make my own money and with so many things, trying to make goals that reached out that far was not a very helpful thing.

First, I tried to set the goals to have a week to be accomplished. I tried for two weeks and I found myself often forgetting what those goals were and not thinking to check back and see. That was the biggest mistake in the equation and I decided to change the idea more to find success.

Second, I took the week idea and I sort of kept it. I still have a few week long goals made up but I added more. I decided to make a six, seven day long calendar for reaching those goals and to help me organize the importance of each thing. I wanted to try to see which goals became more important and what I found to be more of a fun thing to get to and which ones felt like a drag. I am almost done with that week and I can safely say that it was much more helpful. It also helped me realize something important in my situation.

Third. This one is placed in the present. I realized that I can’t try to achieve seven different big ideas at once. That I need to focus on a select few and work my way up. I decided that I will put my blog first. I plan to post at least every other day. I am also learning Japanese and with how long that process may take and with how much I love learning it, that is my priority number two. The third choice I really want to keep is writing. I have a story that I really like and am making some actual progress with, so I am making that priority three. Hopefully this idea will help me finally start to suffice that urge to write and I hope it was helpful for you as well. Now, I am going to choose one other working idea as an entrepreneur to really focus on. Wish me luck!

If you wish to comment I will gladly welcome it and reply! Good luck!

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