Selling On Zazzle?

There are many places online that any human being can sell their stuff. Etsy would be one of the most common, of course, but have you ever heard of Zazzle? Let me be the first to say that I hadn’t, but I am happy to say that I am glad to know about it now!

Zazzle is a site where you don’t have to bother with printing your designs on items yourself. And forget about dealing with the hassle of packaging your products. As a seller, you only need to worry about making the designs and hitting the “sell this item” button and you’re set to go.

So far, I don’t see many flaws. My biggest concern is the royalties. You thankfully get to choose your royalties, but if you want anything to sell, you’re going to have to stay at a low percentage. The options are to have 5% to 99% but the higher the percentage, the more money extra the customer will have to spend. As you may have already guessed, if you go above a certain percentage, no one is going to be quite willing to buy your stuff. So what percentage should you aim for?

I won’t say how high I went on the scale, just know my range I will give doesn’t go high at all. For a customer to still be completely willing to pay the price they are given, you can’t raise the price too high. You’re royalties should be around 5% to 15%. Any higher and the cost just may be too pricey.

My solution? Try to aim for products that already have a high price. The higher the original price, the more money you will earn. Plus, you should earn back the time spent by doing such. Of course, you should also sell other products that have a lower price in case people don’t want to buy items at a high price in general.

Here is an item I have made. IPhone 7’s are fairly new, so I decided to put a photograph I had taken, which I also believe is on my blog and put it on the back of a life-proof case. My royalties aren’t set very high, so the price isn’t raised too much, but it’s enough for me to feel like I have actually earned some money.


It didn’t take a lot of effort nor time. It is pretty, if you ask me, and there is just one photograph on it with no texts. I think it can and will sell, or at least hope so. And if someone would like to add text to it before purchasing? Well, they can go ahead and add whatever they wish. They can also change the words if they like your design, but wish for other words to be on there. You must add the words after creating the design, though. If you don’t, I believe there isn’t a way for you or the buyer to change the text on the product.

So? What do you think? Want to give this lovely site a try? Why not visit my little shop while you are at it. I think this is an efficient and nice place to sell your designs on. Please comment below if you agree or disagree or just want to comment.

I would also like to apologize to my followers for not posting anything in such a long time. It’s no excuse, but I have been busy, along with lacking in things to write about. I will do my best to keep that from happening again, I promise!

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