Sing It Kids!

Ever have trouble coming up with song lyrics or just writing a poem? Do you wish to write something, but don’t have any idea how to start out whatever beautiful ideas are running through your head? Good! I have a solution and I think you’re going to like it.

Lately, I have wanted to have something I offer weekly. Once a week I will post something, I thought, but the more and more I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with an idea…that is, until now!

I have decided that every other Thursday (just to make sure I can promise this) I will post a couple of verses I have written or a few stanzas of a poem. You see, I currently have the opposite problem that you have. I don’t do well at finishing my poems or lyrics, but I sure come up with good starters quite often! So, I decided I would give this gift to you that you can do what you wish with it.

I present to you, these first few lines of a song I haven’t ever been able to complete, but I am sure that you can!

“Let’s go to the mountain

Where we first met

At the climax of Desperate

And when the party

Is finally through

I’ll see that I never needed you”

Enjoy! And good luck! These can also be used as writing prompts if you wish. And if you choose to comment, I will gladly read it!

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