DIY Painting Shoes

Recently, I have been really into the idea of painting shoes. I’ve wanted to before, but I’ve been trying to come up with something to do as a career with art and I think I am going to add this to one of my options.

I can honestly say that I was able to sit and paint these shoes for 3-6 hours (I really have no idea how long I was painting), and not get aggitated or stressed out in any way. That is very very rare for me. I love art, but a lot of things can stress me out a bit and frustrate me, so to miraculously find something that doesn’t? Well, that’s a miracle!

Anyways, I am going to walk you through how I did it, but first, I will add all of the pictures I have of it below:


My materials:


-Koala Baby size 2 shoe

-Acrylic paint

-Small paint brushes

-Painters tape

-Krylon spray paint

That is all of my materials. The ribbon is white with different colored sparkles on them. Ribbon is fairly cheap, so if you wish to use a different one, you can easily find ones at your local craft stores. Craft stores I will visit are PatCattans, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s. Feel free to go through their websites and look at their selections.

I had bought a pair of brand new Koala Baby shoes for a very reasonable price! I got them for $11 and the ribbon for about $5. I already had the paint, tape and brushes, but I would say I maybe used $4 worth of those materials.

So, in total, this project has cost me only $20! Considering how much paint and materials can cost, that price was not bad AT ALL.

Now, at first, the shoes were white. Sadly, I did not take pictures of it to show my process, but I can still explain. Anyways, they were white so I taped everything I didn’t wish to get paint on (the inside, bottom, sides, etc.) and sprayed it blue with my Krylon spray paint.

I tried to paint the shoelaces, but it made them feel weird and I wanted to replace them with ribbon anyways, so I just didn’t use them.

Tip: Don’t paint the shoelaces. You can hold onto them if you decide later that you want to switch out the ribbon for the shoelace, just don’t paint them. I’m sure  I will figure out a better way to go about that in the future, but for the time being I will do the same.

Alright, now the first thing I did after all of that was I found pictures to go off of. Sadly, I didn’t quite find any that fit exactly what I needed but I am fairly good at changing a character’s position after seeing them in another. And I ended up with two pictures to go off of (I would show you them, but I didn’t save them).

So, after getting the photos I simply used them to match colors and shapes and painted away. I mixed up enough paint for each shoe to make sure I didn’t run out of any before I was done, so that I wouldn’t need to mix again.

Tip: If you are going to paint shoes, try to aim for simple or bigger. Baby shoes are very hard to work with when it comes to adding detail and truly getting the paint to cover everything since they are so small.

After I painted them completely, I merely waited for about an hour to be safe, then I was ready to add the new laces. While I had waited for the shoes to dry, I took the old shoelaces and messured them out, then cut the ribbon just a few inches longer, which was very smart because one wasn’t quite as long as it should have been because I didn’t strictly follow that.

Before lacing the ribbon through it, I took the ends, scrunched them up, and lightly burnt them enough to make them like aglets to make it easier for them to go through the eyelets of the shoe. That helped tremendously and after getting them through, I simply cut off a small bit of the end.

If you don’t wish to make your own and would just like to buy ones that are already made, check out my etsy shop and I will soon have plenty for you to shop from.

Alright, that is about all I have left to educate you on. I hope you have fun and that my advice helped. Let me know if you have any questions!

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