Sing It Writers!

Hello, we all know what time it is! It’s my weekly give away day, Thursday!

I hope you guys have enjoyed them so far, I know I have certainly enjoyed posting them.

Alright, so I know that I haven’t actually made any of these writing prompts and that would partially be because of the fact that always having “Sing It” at the begininning sort of pulls people away from thinking this ever includes writing prompts. Well, if you feel that way, please don’t go! Because this one is specifically for that!

Before we get into it though, for the ones that are not up to date or are just now seeing this series of posts, I must give some information first. Please read the next few paragraphs to gather an understanding of what I am giving to you, the reader.

What can I do with these given words?

I’m glad you asked! I may answer this in every post in this category, so if you already know, just skip these three paragraphs. Okay! So, I like to write, but I don’t normally manage to write a full song, a full poem, or a full story. I try much harder with stories, but I have a lot of ideas, so I don’t mind sharing, especially since you can take words in so many different directions and I believe every outcome will be unique and not like any other.

I promise that there will never be a finite amout of give aways. I will always keep this going for as long as I possibly can. I just want you guys to have fun with this and enjoy it. I want to give to you guys because just the fact that you are reading this brings me much joy and I want to give you something back in return!

If you missed the last post, “Sing It Fairies,” you can check that out now when you click here. I will only include a link to a set of words that are similar to the post I am making orr I will just have a link to the previous one!

Alright, now I must tell you that I am definitely planning on putting more writing prompts in these weekly give aways, they will just be a little spaced out. Now, you can always use the prompts to help you come up with lyrics or make a poem. This is not strictly for short story writing.

Now that all of that is out of the way, would you like the see it?

Today’s writing prompt/lyrics/poem is:

After death, spirits choose what they are allowed to possess and the main spirit is a little girl who chooses to be a piece of…

I realize that is short, so let me help you fill in the blanks.

My boyfriend had a dream last night that a little girl’s spirit was inside a piece of paper that said, “Don’t be scared.” Now, he said he could read and and hear her say it. So, it gave me the writing prompt idea that when you die, you don’t just have the option to haunt or possess a human being. As a spirit you can possess whatever you wish.

Now, what if every other spirit thus far in that girl’s life always chose a human and didn’t realize there were other options? And what if this caused many to stop haunting and possessing people directly and then instead started possessing paper to give people paper cuts. Or make yourself a piece of furniture someone stubs their toes on a lot.

Think of something creative, like such, and I am sure you will come up with an amazing short story!

If you wish for me to see this idea come to life through your eyes, post the short story or a link to it in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you let your imagination go wild!

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