Sing it Owls!

Why owls? I actually have no idea. I told you guys that I was just going to throw in some random noun to put as the object, so you really shouldn’t be asking. Just enjoy that you are now what you have always wanted to be: an owl. You’re welcome!

I promise that I won’t always have thorny words to give, but I can’t gaurantee there aren’t a lot of them. I am a fairly happy person but for some reason I am great at coming up with sad poems and such. Oh well, I just hope you enjoy it either way!

Don’t you worry though! I easily have a grin on my face and I can almost easily write happy lyrics/poems. Now, some of you may not have any idea what is going on. If that is you, go ahead and read the next couple of paragraphs. If not, go right ahead and skip them.

What can I do with these given words?

I’m glad you asked! I may answer this in every post in this category, so if you already know, just skip these three paragraphs. Okay! So, I like to write, but I don’t normally manage to write a full song, a full poem, or a full story. I try much harder with stories, but I have a lot of ideas, so I don’t mind sharing, especially since you can take words in so many different directions and I believe every outcome will be unique and not like any other.

I just want you guys to have fun with this and enjoy it. I want to give to you guys because just the fact that you are reading this brings me much joy and I want to give you something back in return!

If you would like to check out last weeks “sing it” group of words, click here. The last one was a writing prompt. If you would rather see a recent post involving lyrics/poems click here.

Alright, so here are this weeks lyrics/poem/inspiration, whatever you use it for is up to you!


Oh, how do you go

From talking so much

To being in a rush to go


And how do you go

From having so many friends

To none of them ever wanting to see you again


Just how do you change overnight

Did someone start a fight

Is everything alright


Just tell me how

How, oh, how

Have you changed so easily

It’s like right now you can’t even see me


Oh how do you do that so well

You were my friend

Just tell me how did this end


Now, as always, I will encourage you to let me know what you come up with. Or just let me know if it helped you come up with something of your own! I will gladly reply to any feedback given! Have fun and I hope you make something amazing with these words!

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