Have you ever been in the position where you’re at a place in your life where there’s only fog ahead and you aren’t sure about where you are going?

For most, I assume the answer is yes. Great! Me too, and that time for me is right now.

These days, life can be complicated and there’s always a block that will get in your way, but if you work hard and stay mostly positive we all should find our way through the fog. Why not join someone for the ride? That person can be me!

Hi, my name is Serena Shields and I am a beginner entrepreneur trying to run my own business online in hopes to travel and make a living at the same time. I’ve wanted NOTHING more in my life than to travel and see what all is there to be seen. Of course, for now that is only a dream, but slowly I am taking the steps to accomplish that said dream. One thing I have noticed in starting out though, is that whenever I look up how to do such, I come across a lot of people who are past the steps I need them to be at. So, I thought, why not be that person?

I plan to post blogs about my internet journeys, how I went from nothing to something and other things such as reviews on products and when I finally start traveling I will post about those journeys. You will learn about my process for my Etsy shop and we’ll learn together what needs to be done to truly succeed.

Now, if these subjects do not interest  you, I will inform you that I am sure I will post about other things as well. And if you have anything in particular that you wish for me to bring up, just leave a comment and share your ideas. I will always be happy to hear your thoughts!